We are a family business.

diyng leather how to make leather | BONENFANT atelier


Designer and the creative spirit of the team. She began sewing at age 7 and still enjoys designing and developing samples.



Partner family business


Our Production manager, he is in charge of securing all the materials we need. Plus, he loves staying in contact with clients and is often in the store making a belt or providing visitors with insider tips on the best of Barcelona, including restaurants.

Leather maker handmade original designs | BONENFANT atelier


Our Maker, she cuts, prepares and sews our bags and goods, one by one in the store, assisted by us. An experienced leather worker, she learned her craft in Italy, and her knowledge and skills are constantly improving our production.


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Handmade leather pattern | BONENFANT atelier

We use the “Mozart” to cut all our leather patterns, following the traditional way.

Skiving leather machine | BONENFANT atelier

To achieve the appropriate thickness, we use this vintage machine to shave edges. Sharpening the blade can be very loud!

Sustainable leather maker | BONENFANT atelier

Made in Germany, our Adler sewing machine is an old one too! This high precision, super strong machine could stitch a finger if we are not vigilant and careful.


We can personalize all our leather items

Hot stamp machine leather | BONENFANT atelier

The foil machine can engrave leather through the application of heat and pressure. It is a hands-on process and requires practice to obtain perfect results. Names or initials can be natural, black, gold or silver.

Custom leather embossed | BONENFANT atelier