As far as the food industry generate hides, it makes sense to recycle them. The leather is an organic material if treated properly.

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We opted to work with vegetable tanned leather. The leather will smells like good wine does and will ages nicely. Colors will turn into a unique patina over the time.


By our location in Catalonia Spain, we are close to the best tanneries in the world. We love to go to visit them, ask questions, witness and learn about leather fabrication.


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Our suppliers are improving their ancestral knowledge merging with new technologies. They have made an ethical choice by preserving low impact old process. Moreover they keep searching and developing solutions to be always more respectful to the environment. (reusing cleaning water, low electricity consume and recycling all the surplus)

To minimize scars and “defects” that would be wasted, our suppliers choose preferentially animals which are living outside which encourage farms to work this way. 

The skins they transform come from France and Spain.

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We choose to work with leather already made. Big companies can order colors or references they finally won’t develop so we have a large choice and we are happy to give a life to a high quality unused leather stocks


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We create our sewing pattern that permit us to avail most our materials. As an example we use the rests of the leather of bags production to make our earrings, wallets and glass cases. The rests of belt’s production are recycled into key chains.


We always select the most beautiful part of the leather for front bags and keep scars and natural life marks for the back or the inside of our bags. We believe the rawness of the leather is its essence, as it comes from an animal life and has gotten marks of its previous life. 

Also as a wonderful material, it ages so nicely and the marks will fade into the leather to become apart of his unique patina.  


We carefully selected every material to reach our standard quality expectations and propose sustainable products that last.

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Lining is a 100% organic cotton canvas.

YKK metal quality zipper.

We chose A&E Gütermann threads, one of the most traditional and experienced producer of premium sewing threads in EU.


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