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black 1, black 2, black 3, black 4, black 5, black 6, brown 1, brown 2, brown 3, brown 4, brown 5, brown 6, brown 7, brown 8, brown 9, brown 10, brown 11, color 1, color 2, color 3, color 4, color 5, color 6, color 7, color 8, color 9, color 10, color 11, color 12, color 13, color 14, color 15, color 16


25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm


brown 2 – 35 mm width



In line with our philosophy of sustainability, we use as much of the leather we purchase as possible. Not only do we aim to use most of the leather (weaker parts are discarded), we create sewing patterns that allow for the maximum use of material. We always select the most beautiful part of the leather for the fronts of our bags, restricting scars and natural life marks to the backs or insides. We believe the rawness of the leather is its essence, derived from a living animal that bears the marks of as its life on earth. Leather ages beautifully, and any imperfections will fade into the surface to become part of its unique patina.